Coop Coworking Space in Bali

Bali is an great place to be but its full of (amazing) distractions. We chose our motto “ Optimize your office performance” because its a space where you can get your work done effectively so you can have more time for both work and leisure.

Our space is for young professionals and entrepreneurs in the Bukit who are looking for a motivational space to work. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded people who strive to better themselves by working independently and together in one place.

We Offer

Our dream Coworking space includes good air conditioning, high speed wifi, plugs in all corners and kick ass coffee. Coop has all of the above.

A space free from distractions -curated to enhance long work hours.

Free access to small accessories that make digital nomad life just a tad better : Blue light filter glasses, leg raisers, comfy chairs , timers and more.

A library filled with books that will grow your learning mind.

A spacious private office for small companies or individuals that need more privacy.
Weekly evening meetups.

Weekly morning meditation circles to clear your mind and help with your focus.
One cup of strong coffee or fresh cold pressed juice daily for members.
Best Wifi on the Bukit and Air Conditions.
Printers and scanners.
Soundproof Zoom booths.
Canteen and coffee shop with fresh and healthy snacks to fuel your brain

Explore our membership

Membership includes free coffee or tea daily, and use of all coop facilities.

Daily 150,000 IDR
Weekly 750,000 IDR
Monthly 2,000,000 IDR


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Optimizing performance, creating a professional and motivating environment, creating a community of like-minded young professionals.



  • Full day access.
  • One coffee or tea per day
  • 2 hours access to call booth

150,000 IDR


  • Full-day access.
  • One coffee or tea per day
  • 2 hours access to call booth   
  • 10 Pages Printing Credits

750,000 IDR


  • Full day access.
  • One coffee or tea per day
  • 2 hours access to call booth   
  • 20 Pages Printing Credits       
  • 10% off with our trusted partner
  • Locker add on 300K/Month
  • Monitor add on 400K/Month
  • Locker and Montior add on 500K/Month

2,000,000 IDR